As Chevrolet rolls out the Seventh-Generation Corvette, let us welcome you to the Second-Generation website for Southern Oregon Corvette Association (SOCA).


Like Chevrolet did with the Corvette, SOCA assembled a team to begin building the next generation of its website long before it was ready to hit the streets. We partnered with Accurate Design Services of Medford, OR to start construction from the ground up. Both teams had quite a task before them.

The new Corvette needed to be quicker, easy to operate and powerful, sovette.com needed the same qualities. The C7 had to reflect its 50 plus-year heritage. Sovette.com needed to reflect the 41 year history of our club. The C7 Corvette must compete globally. Sovette.com will also reach around the globe. The next generation of Corvette had to take the car to a new level. Our new website had to take us places we’ve never been before. And it will. In style.

"Our newly redesigned website, sovette.com, will be a tremendous tool for us as an organization," SOCA Past President Sandee Anderson said. "We’ll reach people now who otherwise would never have heard of us."

The new Corvette is not without controversy. You either like the headlights and taillights, or you don’t . Whether to build a totally new website also caused much discussion among our membership - in the end, the membership voted to allocate resources for the project.


"I don’t own a computer, I don’t go on-line," said founding member Don Hubbard. "But, I know a well-done website will benefit the club and I’m all for it." Hubbard said.


Hubbard, who was at the original SOCA meeting on June 12, 1974, used to follow Corvette owners home to tell them about the club. With sovette.com we can tell millions of people -- in the Northwest, across the US and around the world -- about us, about our activities, upcoming events, recent happenings, and all things Southern Oregon Corvette.


The anticipation surrounding the C7 was intense. Many SOCA members were also eagerly anticipating the new sovette.com. We hope those members -- and the rest of the world-wide web -- were not disappointed. Like the C7 Corvette, sovette.com will be easy on the eyes. The new Corvette will out perform the C6. Sovette.com will far out perform the website that preceded it.


Over time, Chevrolet will make modifications -- slight modifications, most likely -- to the C7, in an attempt to better their effort at redesigning the legendary car. Sovette.com, too, will be a work in progress. We will modify. We will ‘tweak’. We’ll take the feedback and response that we get to this website and try to better our efforts as well.


With interest and input from our members,

and a a lot of work by the committee,

this is what we’ve come up with so far.


This is sovette.com...


Enjoy the Ride!



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Memorial Day Weekend Saturday May 29th 


Southern Oregon Corvette Club participated in the Memorial Day Parade on the main street of downtown Grants Pass.


19 Southern Oregon Corvette Club members participating in the Memorial Day Parade.  Downtown 6th Street was lined with spectators & families lining the parade route they were smiling waving & cheering us on as the clubs' cars passed by.

After the parade was complete a group of members joined together @ Red Robin Restaurant for good food & lots of laughs.

Thank you Robin Miranda for all the great pictures. And of course my partner Elaine Ellis.

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On Thursday May 13, 2021, we were invited by Rogue Valley Corvette club, to join them on a run to Schmidt Family Winery in the beautiful, majestic Applegate Valley.


A group of our Southern Oregon Corvette Club members along with a group of Rogue Valley Corvette Club members met behind Walgreen's on Williams Highway in Grants Pass. Ron Howard Vice President of Southern Oregon Corvette Club lead us on a beautiful tour of the Applegate Valley.


On our way to the beautiful grounds of the Schmidt Family Winery, where we were joined by more Rogue Valley Corvette Club Members along with additional Southern Oregon Corvette Club Members.


We had 22 beautiful shinning Corvettes & their owners come together to enjoy wine tasting, food & fellowship, while sitting on their expansive covered patio overlooking the wineries beautiful grounds. All this while enjoying the wineries great food & wine, all while enjoying a perfect beautiful sunny May Day.


It was a great opportunity to come together with the Rogue Valley Corvette Club to enjoy a fun filled afternoon.


Thank you Rogue Valley Corvette Club

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